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Please ! READ THE RULES. If you are already a member, read it; if you want to be a member, READ IT REALLY CAREFULLY. i've reach some of you guys on your journals and commented with some things that aren't okay by the rules we have here. So check out these comments, make whatever you need to be okay with the rules. I WILL delete those who are not following them. And I WILL NOT accept new members whose don't follow them also.

The main things are:

-YOU NEED TO JOIN. you cannot read the posts locked if you aren't a member. (all posts MUST be friends only)
-BEFORE JOIN ADD US AS FRIEND. you know how to do this with users' journal. it's the same thing.
-NOT NECESSARY BUT COUNTS A LOT: put our button on your profile. it's easy as hell i already did the code thing for you and you don't have to upload the button on your own website/ photobucket/ whatever.

If you read it please comment here, because i'll be checking your journals to see if it's everything okay. So save my time.

__shell__ and christie_h
-I couldn't comment on you journal, i expect you know why, but either of you didn't friended the community or joined. please fix it.
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I read it! =-)
thanks !! :) i really appreciate it :D

Deleted comment

now you're okay !! thank hon!! :)
I read this :]
thanks !

Deleted comment

thank you ! :)
I added the community as a friend
Sorry about that!
that's okay thank you :)
I've read this! ♥
thanks !
I love your work and I am so glad you have a community.
I've read them, added the community and put a button up. There is a link in my info to the post with all my community buttons.


October 29 2006, 04:19:06 UTC 10 years ago

i read it and i also added a button in my graphics journal, the
link is located on my user info which you can also add yourself too
if you like, since you've made me things.
i made a post for you in another community that you don't make for
anymore, can i post it here? im not sure if your taking requests
or not.

ack! sorry i wasn't signed in. that was from me :)
I read this. Also friended the community and put the button up in my userinfo.
I added the community as a friend, put a button in my profile, and read this. =)
read the rules. =]
I can't friend you, your screen image blocks my controls *sadness*